What Say You, Yay/Nay: A December Stonewall Pride

Your community, your voice. We want to hear from you because your opinion matters to us. 

As the year rushes to a close with nothing more than stumbles, shocks, and dismay along the way, one of many noticeable absences that have gone and passed is the LGBTQIA Pride Season. Like pretty much everything else this year gay pride festivals throughout the nation have come to a screeching halt due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  

But there might still be hope for one last-ditch effort to celebrate the honored tradition of pride. There’s a possibility that Wilton Manors can see a subdued version of its annual June pride event in December of this year 2020, and that exciting chance for a Twilight Stonewall Pride can very well be in your hands.

Of course, the ultimate decision lay with the powers that be, however, community sentiment is always an important component to gauge whether community members really want or think it’s in their best interest.

Is a Stonewall Pride in December something you would partake in or do you feel that it’s still too soon for any type of public gathering even if organized with COVID-19 guidelines in place?

Keep in mind any type of pride celebration organized, if indeed the show goes on, will be COVID Conscious in all aspects of the planning and execution. Ideas centered around best practices to adhere to COVID-19 guidelines will be implemented during the pride development stage as well as strictly enforced during the pride event itself.

It goes without saying that above all the ultimate goal is to be COVID Safe while enjoying Pride Fun. Do you think the two can co-exist (COVID Safe, Pride Fun), or is it still out of reach? Think about it. It would be nice to have what can be a resemblance of a festive pride celebration in a healthy safe environment. Or is that just wishful thinking, you tell us? 

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